We, ESCS, through our investment business in fair competition,

aim not only to pursue the interests of the company, but also to make our existence valuable not only to our customers, shareholders, business partners and employees, but also to society at large.

“Our goal does not end with the pursuit of profit.”

“Our aim is to make an ongoing contribution to the happiness of people all over the world.”

Business Description

Commercial trade consulting

We provide strategic advice for the success of your commercial trading business. Through market analysis and competitive research, we formulate the best strategy for our clients' needs and recommend effective business partners, trading partners and trading methods. We identify risks and opportunities and use our expertise and experience to help our clients grow and become more competitive.


Equity and FX investment business

The company is engaged in investment business with a focus on equities and FX. Depending on the investment method, there are various ways to utilise investments, ranging from 'high-risk, high-return' to 'risk diversification'. Our activities are based on a carefully calculated risk-reward methodology, always aiming for the highest possible profit. Our analytical skills ensure that we do not miss any opportunities.

Video editing / planning / shooting / production business

We help companies and individuals alike to advertise, attract customers and recruit on social networking sites such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. Our business started when one of our staff members created a buzz for his/her personal account, and we make the most of the 'buzzing know-how' we have gained from running several accounts since then to deliver results in the quickest and shortest possible time. We also offer a variety of plans.


Investment consulting & analytics

We analyse your investment history and seek better and more optimal solutions. A lack of assets not only bankrupts your life, but even limits your freedom in life. Only by analysing feelings and thoughts in language can investments be systematically understood. No progress can be made without improvement. We will focus on breaking down the barriers of assumptions and thoughts by individuals and establishing new perspectives and concepts one by one.

Software development business

We provide solutions to the DX wave sweeping through the financial industry, including new digital technologies such as AI and blockchain, from IT/DX consultancy to software development, both in-house and outsourced, with a focus on financial systems. We offer productivity and competitiveness enhancing contributions and are committed to making full use of our cutting-edge knowledge in the new era of IT.


Web Design, SEO/SEM, IT Management

We specialize in providing comprehensive digital solutions with a focus on web design, SEO, and IT management. Tailoring our services to meet client requirements, we develop attractive and user-friendly websites, deploy SEO strategies to enhance online visibility, and offer total support in IT management, including system operation, maintenance, and security measures. Our goal is to assist clients in effectively and securely expanding their businesses.

Advertising business (LED Vision Ad Truck)

Our Ad truck business specializes in mobile advertising solutions, utilizing LED vision screens mounted on the sides and backs of trucks. We offer dynamic and eye-catching advertising opportunities that reach diverse audiences in various locations. With our fleet of ad trucks, we help businesses promote their products, services, and events effectively, maximizing exposure and engagement. Contact us to elevate your advertising strategy with our innovative and impactful mobile advertising solutions.



As market volatility and uncertainty become a daily reality, we at ESCS are committed to pursuing the best options with firm conviction and insight. Our investment strategy is focused on long-term results. Rather than taking easy risks, we aim for sustainable returns based on careful analysis and planning. Our success is underpinned by the trust and cooperation of our customers.

We appreciate this and always put our customers' interests first, valuing transparency and integrity. Looking to the future, we actively embrace technology and innovation in our efforts to improve the investment experience.

We are committed to adapting to the changing environment, identifying new opportunities and continuing to deliver value to our clients. We sincerely hope that we can be partners in our journey together, helping our clients achieve their goals and grow together.

We will continue to devote ourselves to earning your trust. We look forward to working with you.

Osami Ikeda



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Office 7, Jamie Business Centre 1 Unit F10, 1st Floor, Paragon Labuan, Jalan Tun Mustapha 87000 Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia.

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